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Goal Setting for 2017

Setting Goals 2017 Writing your goals down, and establishing a plan to accomplish them, has been proven to be effective.

Have you ever had a dream or intentions of accomplishing something, but year after year passed without ever coming close to meeting your target? Writing your goals down, and establishing a plan to accomplish them, has been proven to be effective.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”.  Author Henriette Ann Klauser, of ‘Write it Down Make It Happen, states, “Once you start writing your goals down, the brain will send you all kinds of new material: innovative energizing, ideas for planning out and expanding these ambitions.”  For many years, business leaders and entrepreneurs have written about the importance of writing your goals down.

Have you established your goals for the new year?  No, not a New Year’s resolution—actual goals.  Here are a few things to give you a little direction, as you write your goals for 2017.  The following information can be used for setting personal or professional goals.

Start with your values

First, think about your values, and what is most important to you; relationships, career, financial stability, education, etc.  It helps when your goals reflect your values.

Second, construct SMART goals.  This is a goal setting technique used in several industries, including psychology, to chart a course for success and outcomes.  SMART is an acronym for:





Time Sensitive

Goal Structure

A goal has two parts, the overall goal to be achieved, and objectives which are the actionable steps to accomplish the goal.  See the following example of a SMART Goal:

Goal#1 – I will improve my relationship with my immediate family starting 1/1/20171.


  1. I will have dinner with my family no less than 3 nights per week.
  2. I will be present during family interactions by turning off electronics, no less than 4 days per week.
  3. I will spend no less than 2 hrs per week listening to my spouse’s concerns

Again, your goals can be personal, professional, educational, or whatever you chose.   Take special care in making your goals ‘Achievable and Realistic’.  Set your goals, work your goals, and review them often, to chart your progress.  Don’t allow another year to pass you by without getting closer to your dreams.  Best of luck to you in the new year!

12/16/16 | Updated 2/23/18

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