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Social Media Detox Challenge


Due to a long and harsh presidential campaign, many of us are feeling exhausted and raked over the coals. Heightened emotions and bickering with family, friends or coworkers, over whose candidate should win.  This has left many of us worn out!

As members of the information age, we have been inundated with articles, posts, memes, tweets, texts, snap chats, and so on.  Have you had it up to your eyeballs with it all?

Break Time

Well, now is as good a time as any to take a break, and get into a positive and productive head space. Can I make a suggestion?  Perform a “Social Media Detox”.  Yes, you read it correctly. Take a break from social media!  Make a commitment to yourself to disconnect from it for 1 week, 2 weeks, a month, or however long you want.  I am certain your mood will improve, and you will gain hours in your day.


During this time, commit to cleansing your life of negativity.  Refocus your time and energy on things that give you life, joy, and hope.  Do something that moves you in a positive direction.

  • Start a new project
  • Spend time with your kids
  • Meet with a life coach
  • Write a book
  • Set new goals


I would love to hear about your challenge.  Let me know how long you plan to give up social media, and what you will focus on during your challenge period.  Will you set new goals, start writing that book you’ve always wanted to write.  Will you create a work of art, de-clutter your home, or just spend your free time reflecting?  Share how you managed and what were the results.  I’m excited for what you will accomplish!

Good Luck!


Updated: 5/11/2018  Original Post: 11/10/2016

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