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You are taking an important step toward improving your life.

Have you avoided seeking relationship counseling, depression counseling, or asking for help with other life struggles?  Have you hoped your problems would work out somehow, or maybe you could fix them on your own?  You are not alone.  Many people struggle in silence each day, hoping things will change.  Sometimes all it takes is…



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Providing counseling for: Anxiety, Depression, Infidelity, Divorce, Relationship Issues, Boundaries, Marriage Counseling, Co-parenting, Blending Families, Life Transition, Grief & Loss, Pre-Marital Counseling …


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Dating Your Spouse

Over time we get comfortable in our relationships and forget how much fun we had with our spouse while dating. We fail to remember that, the same things that attracted[…]

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What Happens When You Say No?

This post is the third of a series of posts covering boundaries.  Who am I kidding, all of my posts are about boundaries in some form.  It’s what I love[…]

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Recognizing When Your Boundaries Are Being Crossed

Recognizing When Your Boundaries Are Being Crossed

I’m pretty certain that you’ve experienced this before.  You may not have known exactly what was happening, but you probably felt violated, offended, or a little icky.  Almost like someone[…]

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