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Looking Back On 2017

New year planning

Here we are, heading into a new year! You are setting goals and planning new year resolutions—heck, you may even be planning your summer vacation already. Well, not so fast!  Before you dust off your feet and step into the new year, stop for a moment, and take a look back. Look back at all the things you’ve made it through, situations you’ve survived, and what you’re thankful for. Sometimes we are so focused on moving on, getting past, or getting over, that we miss the value of the experiences that make us who we are.

It Was So Hot

This past summer my family and I visited my older brother in Colorado. While there, several family members and I decided to go for a hike in Roxborough State Park. Yeah, I know right? For those who know me, can you just picture me hiking? I thought it would never end! The sun and heat were unforgiving. Although I carried several bottles of water they were warm from my body heat before I could drink them. I am not an experienced hiker.

There was little to no shade on the trail, but the scenery was AMAZING! The last mile of the hike was up a long winding hill, then down the other side. As we approached the top of the hill, I looked over my shoulder to check on my sister, to be sure she hadn’t passed out. When I turned around, I paused and took it all in. Yes, my sister was still standing, but I saw this incredible view. We were elevated above the valley we’d just walked through. I could see acres of smooth, red mountains, homes off in the distance, nestled between majestic rocks.  At that moment, I began to appreciate the long, hot, uncomfortable hike! I realized if I hadn’t taken a moment to look back, I would have missed that breathtaking view. I might have dismissed the previous two hours as a miserable time in the hot sun.

Let’s Get Moving

As my sister and I stood there, taking in the view, I said to her, “Would you look at that? Sometimes you have to take a moment, and look back at where you’ve been, in order to truly appreciate where you are.”  So that is my hope for you, as this year comes to a close, and we move into a new year. I hope that you will take a few moments to look back, and take note of what you have made it through. Your struggles count as much as your accomplishments. They both give you strength and wisdom for where you are heading.  Now let’s get moving!



Updated 2/01/2018

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